Meet the Smith Station Guidance Department

    Who Am I?
    My name is Shannon Wingert and I am excited to be the full-time counselor at SSES this year. I am also happy to share we will be doing a school-wide character education program this year. Each month we will focus on a different character trait; which will be on the back of your student’s ANCHOR CARD. The trait will be taught and reinforced through-out the building via morning announcements, classroom lessons, writing prompts, and assemblies.
  • The guidance curriculum includes lessons and groups about:

    · Character education

    · Academic support, including organizational, study, and test-taking skills
    · The expectations of the school environment
    · Goal setting and decision-making
    · Problem-solving and conflict resolution
    · Friendship and social skills
    · Multicultural/diversity awareness
    · Career awareness and exploration
    · Understanding self and others
    · Dealing with loss and grief
    · Stress management
    · Anger management
    · Coping with a parent’s deployment
    · Understanding changing families
  • Some reasons students might want to talk to the school counselor :

    · “I’m new to this school and I’m really scared.”

    · “I didn’t do well on my math test. Can you help me?”

    · “My friends and I had a problem at recess. Can you help us work it out?

    · “My best friend isn’t talking to me and it’s making me sad.”

    · “I’m getting picked on at the bus stop and I don’t know what to do about it.”

    · “I miss my mom.”

    · “I’m feeling stressed by all the work I have to do.”
  • Some reasons parents might want to talk to the school counselor:

    · “Sarah doesn’t want to go to school in the mornings.”

    · “Jason seems to get really frustrated doing his homework, and nothing I say seems to help.”

    · “I’m concerned because Allen keeps telling me that he doesn’t have any friends. Do you think a Friendship Group might help?”

    · “My husband and I recently separated and Susie seems to be having a rough time. Would you please talk with her?”

    · “We recently had a death in the family, and I’m not sure how to tell my child.”

    · “Michael’s dad is being deployed and Michael is having a hard time with that.”