Mentor/Mentee Program

  • Mission: The Spotsylvania County School Mentor Program provides the beginning teacher the opportunity to receive the ongoing support, encouragement, and understanding necessary to experience success as a classroom teacher.

    Program Objectives:

    • Retain quality teachers
    • Enhance beginning teachers’ skills and performance
    • Improve the quality of curriculum and instruction
    • Promote effective ongoing communication
    • Support teacher morale and collegiality to prevent teacher isolation
    • Build a sense of professionalism and positive attitude
    • Facilitate a seamless transition into the first year of teaching
    • Put educational theory into practice
    • Encourage self-reflection

Non-Discrimination Statement

  • **It is the policy of the Spotsylvania County School Board not to discriminate against any persons with disabilities or any person on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, ancestry or marital status.