Budget Questions

  • The below Budget Questions have been received during the FY22 Budget Seasons.

Completed Questions and Answers

  • 1. Did the School Board include 6% increase for staff in its FY 2022 Budget?

  • 2. Please confirm whether the Schools received additional CARES Act or other funding in January. If so, are there restrictions on the use of these funds?

  • 3. Please provide the slide shown in regards to the discussion on potential health insurance changes. Please clarify the reference to a $4M increase. Is that what the increase in employer costs would be if there were no mitigation via the potential shift to the HMO? What would be the increase in cost to an employee going outside of the network?

  • 4. Please remind the Board what the Evergreen study results were for the Schools and how the study has been addressed in recent years.

  • 5. The Gap at the time of the Superintendent's Budget was $4.9M. The gap now is $7.1M. Please identify the budget items that resulted in the $2.2M increase in the gap.

  • 6. What was the decrease in school enrollment (Sept 30/Oct 1) in FY 2021 compared to FY 2020? What's the expectation of FY 2022 enrollment?

  • 7. Do the Schools have a replacement policy for their maintenance vehicles? Where are those vehicles replaced - in the School Operating Fund or through the CIP?

  • 8. What is the Germanna Allied Health Facility and how does it interact with the Schools?

  • 9. Why is the teacher tuition reimbursement increasing?

  • 10. Please clarify the timing of receipt of and expiration of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds for the County and the Schools. Will the funds be received up front or will they be received on a reimbursement basis?

  • 11. Have the Schools included the ARPA funds in their FY 2022 Budget proposal? Isn’t it likely that they could make use of the ARPA funds to free local funds already planned in FY 2022 to be able to cover the $2.1M budget gap?

  • 12. Curious about the At Risk- After School information/flyer in this budget information. Does the district provide At Risk After School meals to our children? Are we partnering with other organizations to help provide this service? Is this part of the after school services held at the school? Or, do we plan to partner with another organization to provide these services for At Risk school children?

  • 13. What is the salary for paying our Summer Institute Teachers? Are they paid the same salary as established by their contract? What is included in the summer institute program?

  • 14. LEXIA is currently in the schools. Is this another subscription or a renewal?

  • 15. Has there been a disruption study completed to determine how many employees would be impacted by the five percent difference in the network? What is the number of employees whose medical, dental and specialist would be affected?