Budget Factors

  • The School Board’s Adopted Budget is developed based on revenues and expenditures noted in the General Assembly’s Adopted Budget. 

    School Budget Development is affected by many indicators and historical measures. 

    Below are a few of the Budget Factors with historical measures that are considered during Budget Development. 

    The numbers below are captured during the budget process and are used for the budget development. They may not reflect current changes in data reporting. 

      Financial & Business Factors

      • Historical Adopted Budget Trends - All Funds

      • Revenue Source Trends

      • LCI (Local Composite Index) Trends

      • Per Pupil Expediture Trends

      • Teacher Attrition

      • Teacher Degree Distribution

      Student Demographics & Planning Factors

      • Pupil to Teacher Ratios

      • SPED Trends

      • Student Enrollment And March 31 Average Daily Membership (ADM)

      Academic Factors

      • SOL and ESSA Testing

      • CGS -Spotsylvania (Commonwealth Governor's School) Trends

      • SCPS International Baccalaureate (IB) Program Information

      Capital Improvement

      Other Factors