FY2022 Budget Information

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    Current Budget Level = Level 3 

    School Board Approved Budget

    The School Board Approved FY 2022 budget investments are fully aligned with the SCPS Division Strategic Plan – ENGAGE 2025 and secure deeper purpose, equity, and innovation for our students and staff. This approved budget maintains the focus on the following three overarching budget priorities: 

    Attracting, Retaining, and Investing in High Quality Teachers and Staff Increasing Student Learning and Achievement Supporting Safe, Engaging, and Equitable Learning Environments

    The major budget highlights of the FY 2022 School Board budget of $347,915,527 (all funds) are below. 

Budget Highlights

  • Workforce Investments

  • Supporting Student Needs

  • Maintaining Infrastructure, Restricted, and Required Needs

  • FY22 Approved Budget Funding by Fund

  • FY22 Approved Budget Funding by Revenue Source

  • FY22 - Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)