STAND Meeting Information

  • The STAND Committtee meets three (3) times per year - Fall, Winter and Spring.  Each meeting is held during regular school hours, so Division level staff coordinates school buses to pick up and return students and an administrator to and from the 12 schools.  Upon arrival, students and school-based administrators are separated.  The students join Division Level staff in the School Board Meeting room wile the school-based adminsitrators participate in a combined Middle and High School meeting/activity. 

    Meeting Format:

    • Lunch at each of the meetings is donated by one of the Division's Partners in Education; 
    • Brief welcome from the Superintendent to outline the focus of the meeting; 
    • Attendees participate in an ice breaker activity to encourage the communication and interaction; 
    • Discussion Topics are hosted by various Division Leaders to seek student thoughts and input; and
    • Brief closing from the Superintendent to thank students.