SCPS International Baccalaureate

  • The International Baccalaureate Program at Spotsylvania High School is a four-year program beginning in the 9th grade.  Students in the ninth and tenth grade cohorts take a sequence of courses designed to prepare them for the rigor of the eleventh and twelfth grade IB courses.  A sample course sequence shows the IB four-year scope and sequence of courses taken throughout the program.
    To understand differences and similarities among the International Baccalaureate, Commonwealth Governor's School, and Advanced Placement programs, please review this comparison chart.  
    Ninth and Tenth Grade -  Students are enrolled in SCPS courses that have been specifically chosen to prepare students for the rigors and assessments of the  IB Diploma Program.  Six of the classes must relate to the IB program. The other two courses may relate but this is not a requirement.
    Ninth Grade:
    • Group 1: Language & Literature – Honors English 9
    • Group 2: Language Acquisition – French, Spanish, German, or Latin Level II or III
    • Group 3: Individuals & Societies – Virginia and United States History
    • Group 4: Experimental Sciences – Honors Biology
    • Group 5: Mathematics – Geometry or Honors Algebra II
    • Group 6: Arts & Electives –  Art I, Theatre I, Orchestra/Band/Chorus, Marketing/Business, Technology  
    • Health/PE 9
    • SHS elective course
     **Students must complete Level One of their chosen language and at least Algebra I prior to entering the ninth grade** 

    Tenth Grade:

    • Group 1: Language & Literature – Honors English 10
    • Group 2: Language Acquisition – French, Spanish, German, or Latin Level III or IV
    • Group 3: Individuals & Societies – AP Government
    • Group 4: Experimental Sciences – Chemistry
    • Group 5: Mathematics – Honors Algebra II or IB Math Analysis & Approaches I HL/SL
    • Group 6: Arts & Electives –  Art II, Theatre II, Orchestra/Band/Chorus, Business Management, Technology
    • Health/PE 10
    • SHS elective course


    Diploma Program (Eleventh and Twelfth Grade) - The list below indicates those courses currently taught in the IB Program at SHS in each course of study. During the 11th and 12th grade, IB Diploma students must complete one course in each area of study; at least 3 (but no more than 4) must be at Higher Level (HL). The remaining courses are studied at Standard Level (SL).  Most Diploma Program courses at SHS are two-year courses.  There are some that are one-year courses.
    • Group 1: Language & Literature --  Language and Literature HL
    • Group 2: Language Acquisition -- Spanish B SL, French B SL, German B SL or Classic Languages SL/HL
    • Group 3: Individuals and Societies -- History of Europe HL (Class of 2022 and beyond)
    • Group 4: Experimental Sciences --  Biology HL, Chemistry HL, Physics HL, Environmental Systems & Societies SL (1 year course)
    • Group 5: Mathematics -- Mathematics Applications and Interpretations SL, Mathematics Analysis and Approaches SL/HL
    • Group 6: Arts and Electives -- Visual Arts SL/HL, Theatre Arts SL, Music SL, Business Management SL
    • Theory of Knowledge/Creativity, Activity and Service/Extended Essay
    • SHS Elective

    **Higher Level (HL) indicates a minimum requirement of 240 instructional hours. Standard Level (SL) indicates a minimum requirement of 150 instructional hours. **