Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Stonebreaker

 I am a graduate of SCTC and completed this same drafting program back in 1994. Even before I graduated, I was starting my professional drafting and design career with a co-op job through this same program. After graduating high school, I found drafting and design was a very marketable skill and found many different employment opportunities. Some of these positions included space planning at GEICO, drafting & design at General Products Inc. and fire sprinkler system design at Extinguish Fire Corporation. I’ve stayed in touch with the SCTC over the years and have previously employed some SCTC drafting program graduates while working for my previous employer.


I personally love the idea of teaching these students a marketable skill like drafting while in high school. I was able to pay for my college education while working part time in the drafting and design field. Drafting is a position of need in the current business environment. It is to the point that some companies are outsourcing design to other countries. I see this as a great opportunity for graduates of this program. Companies are currently willing to hire drafters, and invest the time and resources to develop their knowledge of that particular business just to be able to design in house.


I’m happy to have the opportunity to come full circle and return to SCTC to teach the same drafting class that gave me not only a great skill but also taught me how to be a professional in the business world.

Link to Drafting Program: Drafting Design and CAD Program Information