Assessment Center at SCTC

  • Spotsylvania County Assessment Center Overview:
    A Vocational Evaluation helps students learn more about their aptitude for specific occupations.  It can provide a student with information about a variety of occupational opportunities available to them.  Students who complete a vocational evaluation will have additional information that can assist in planning for their high school program of study.
    Spotsylvania Assessment Center at SCTC Brochure

    Vocational Evaluation Objective: 
    Students participating in a Vocational Evaluation complete real or simulated work tasks.  The objective is to identify the strengths, aptitudes and potential of the student in attaining successful employment following graduation.  
    The evaluator administers tasks and makes observations regarding work habits, learning approaches, interests and temperaments of the student being assessed.
    A range of skills are assessed during a Vocational Evaluation including academic achievement levels, ability to follow instructions, learning methods and memory skills.  Kinesthetic skills are also evaluated including visual/perceptual skills, motor coordination, dexterity and eye-hand-foot coordination.  Students explore how to research a job and what the requirements are for successful employment in particular occupations.   
    Who Will benefit:
    • Students who want to know more about their abilities to make better choices. 
    • Students who want to expand their class choices in high school. 
    • Students who are unsure of their interests and abilities. 
    • Students who want to explore program options at the Spotsylvania Career and Technical Center.  
    Vocational Evaluators: 
    1. Michael Cornell -
      • Responsible for: Riverbend, Chancellor and Massaponax High School Students.  
    2.  Paula Montes de Oca -
      • Responsible for: Courtland and Spotsylvania High School Students.