Journeyman Exam Information

  • The following information was taken from the following website: Contractors License VA

    The Tradesman Licensing Section of the Board for Contractors issues journeyman and master licenses for the electrical, plumbing, HVAC, gas fitting, natural gas fitting and liquid petroleum gas fitting trades. You must pass an exam to get any of these licenses. To qualify for a journeyman exam, you must have one of the following:

    1. Four years of practical trade experience and 240 hours of vocational training. You can substitute each year of experience (after the four years) for 80 hours of training, up to 200 hours

    2. An associate degree from a Department-approved program and two years of practical experience

    3. A bachelor's degree from a Department-approved program and one year of practical experience

    4. Ten years of documented Department-approved practical experience


    Tradesman Exam and License Application information

    ·        Go To DPOR  & Click on FORMS AND APPLICATIONS on the left

    ·        Once you are on the forms and applications page SCROLL DOWN to BOARD SPECIFIC FORMS AND APPLICATIONS

    ·        There is a selection of trades in blue – click on Electrical or HVAC or Plumbing - This will take you to the TRADESMAN PROGRAM PAGE



    • This will take you to an on-line form that you must fill out and then PRINT – You will need BOTH a COMPUTER AND A PRINTER to complete the application process.  ALL LOCAL LIBRARIES HAVE BOTH THAT YOU CAN ACCESS FOR FREE.
    • Pay attention to the items you must include with your applications and of course the money.


    If you need official transcripts from SCTC prior to March 24 we can give them to you if you request them – they just won’t have this year’s final grade and hours on it.

    Good Luck!


     It is the student’s responsibility to document and sign up for the test.

    SCTC will provide necessary transcripts to the students via a transcript request form.