State Apprenticeship Registration

  • A student who is a Virginia Registered Apprentice is an apprentice that is working for a Virginia employer and is registered with the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry.   Further information about registering as an apprentice: The Virginia Department of Labor and Industry

    Registered apprentices who successfully complete the program will receive a nationally accepted State Apprenticeship Certificate.

    A non-registered apprentice may take the same courses as Apprentices, but will not gain the valuable hands on training that registered apprentices receive through On the Job Training, nor will they receive the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry certificate after successful completion. Students who complete the course will receive a completer’s certification from the school and may apply their class time if they enter the field within five years.


    SCTC’s Service Area DOLI Representative:

    Miguel Granillo-Cordova

    Apprenticeship Representative

    (703) 392-0900 Ext. 108

    (703) 392-0308