Arts, A/V Technology and Communications


    The Arts, A/V Technology and Communications cluster is about flexing your creativity, design, writing, performing, and multimedia skills.  Prepare for careers from graphic design to broadcast journalism through a focus on advanced technologies used in venues including corporate boardrooms, hotels and convention centers, classrooms, and museums. Career prospects for producers and directors are expected to increase as a result of new content delivery methods – such as watching TV online or on a mobile device – and the popularity of reality television.


    Employment Projections: 2016-2026*

    The Arts, Audio/Video Technology & Communications cluster employed approximately 49,500 Virginians in 2016 and is expected to employ about 2,600 additional workers in the Commonwealth by 2026. This represents about 5 percent growth in this cluster in Virginia over the decade. These figures are based on Trailblazers analysis of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.*