• The Arts, A/V Technology and Communications cluster is about flexing your creativity, design, writing, performing, and multimedia skills.  Prepare for careers from graphic design to broadcast journalism through a focus on advanced technologies used in venues including corporate boardrooms, hotels and convention centers, classrooms, and museums. Career prospects for producers and directors are expected to increase as a result of new content delivery methods – such as watching TV online or on a mobile device – and the popularity of reality television.

    Employment Projections: 2014-2024*

    The Arts, Audio/Video Technology & Communications cluster employed approximately 54,700 Virginians in 2014 and is expected to employ about 1,300 additional workers in the Commonwealth by 2024, for a total of over 56,000. This represents about 2 percent growth in this cluster in Virginia over the decade, which exceeds the flat (0 percent) growth anticipated for this cluster nationally. These figures are based on Trailblazers analysis of information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.*