Information Technology

  • The Information Technology cluster uses your love of technology to learn how to design, develop and manage different types of software and hardware programs. Though this field requires a solid foundation in math and science as well as strong technical skills, there are careers in information technology in virtually every part of the economy.

    Employment of computer and information research scientists is expected to increase. The demand for new and better technology will continue to grow, which will increase the employment of such workers. These professionals also will be needed to combat cyber-attacks, which are posing a larger threat to society. There should be a greater need for database administrators in the next decade. As companies store more data, these workers will be needed to manage the data so that analysts and stakeholders can understand it. Software developers also should see good job prospects . Mobile devices and tablets are becoming more popular, so software developers are increasingly needed to develop and upgrade mobile applications. Overall, more consumer products use software, which will drive the need for developers. 

    Employment Projections: 2016-2026*

    The Information Technology cluster is projected to expand by 17 percent between 2016 and 2026, which is the third highest percentage of growth among all clusters in the Commonwealth based on Trailblazers analysis of information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Our local area will experience higher occupational growth rates in the Information Technology Cluster.*