Pathways & Exploratory Classes

  • The Career and Technical Center's Pathways courses are designed to provide tenth grade students with an opportunity to experience SCTC classes before deciding upon a concentration for their junior and senior year of high school.  These classes are exploratory and do not lead to credentialing or completer status for students.  


    Metal Trades: 9th & 10th Grade - 2 Credits Per Year
    Introduction to industrial shop safety, machine and tool use.  Instruction includes manual welding and cutting, electric arc welding, use of plasma cutter, metal fabrication, blueprint and diagram reading.
    Instructor: Mr. Pins       


    Health & Medical Pathways10th Grade - 2 Credits 
    Health & Medical Pathways introduces students to a variety of healthcare careers and provides a knowledge base required in all health and medical sciences.  It is designed to help students understand the key elements of the U.S. healthcare system and to learn basic health care terminology, anatomy and physiology for each body system, pathologies, diagnostic and clinical procedures, therapeutic interventions and the fundamentals of basic emergency care.  
    Instructor: Ms. D'Addio    


    Construction Pathways: 10th Grade - 2 Credits  
    Students explore four areas of the construction industry; Masonry, Carpentry, HVAC-R, and Electricity.  Students spend nine weeks in each content area, learning basic shop safety, hand tool identification and use, trade skills and concepts are demonstrated via shop based projects.  
    Instructors: Mr. Brown (Masonry) ~ Mr. Autry (Electricity) ~ Mr. Hibbs (Carpentry) ~ Mr. Lann (HVAC-R) 


    Media Communication Pathway: 10th Grade - 2 Credits
    Exploratory course for students interested in careers in the communication industry.  Exploration of a variety of  media is emphasized, along an emphasis on critical review of media, developing stories, learning basics of news reporting and research.  Students use industry specific software and technology including Adobe’s Creative Cloud platform for video and audio editing and production.
    Instructors: Ms. Baker