General Selection Criteria for NJHS

  • General Selection Criteria for NJHS

     To be considered based on superior scholarship, students must have a 3.55
    grade point average (GPA). The GPA is computed using all graded courses
    during 6th & 7th grade.

     Students are expected to have exemplary discipline/behavior records and
    attendance records. Such factors, as well as any extenuating
    circumstances, are considered in the selection process.

     Students must also exemplify the NJHS values of citizenship, service,
    leadership, and character. To facilitate considerations, students will
    request teacher recommendations for review by the Faculty Council. The
    expectation is that the teacher recommendations will attest to the NJHS
    values sought in the membership.

     Students must show on their activity and information sheet that they
    participate in service of the community, have received awards, and have
    shown leadership, either in school or the community. Each student will
    submit an essay that will be given serious consideration in the selection