The Leadership & Learning Exchange: Leveraging Internal and External Resources to Support ongoing student-centered Leadership Learning and Growth

  • Spotsylvania County Public Schools has designed an annual Leadership & Learning Exchange that offers educators an opportunity to share skills and experiences while learning about new opportunities to support their own leadership and professional growth.  Internal leadership and talent are utilized to share an education problem, the process used to solve the problem, the leadership skills necessary to solve the problem, and sustain improvement. 

    This year, students participated by demonstrating their own leadership skills and offering their insights on what it is like to learn in today’s classroom with testimonials about  21st century teaching and learning that are making a difference for them.

    In addition, external resources from the surrounding community, including representatives from Virginia Community Colleges, Universities, and businesses, offer support and new perspectives on leadership topics, learning opportunities, and also their own resources to support ongoing leadership learning and problem solving after the Exchange. 

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