Engaged Driver's Program- Equal Access and Opportunity for Students with Severe Disabilities

  • Spotsylvania County Public School’s Office of Student Support Services has worked with school based staff and community members to create a driving opportunity for students with mild, moderate, and severe intellectual disabilities.  This opportunity is possible due to the creativity and compassion of Mrs. Birgit Shipman, Teacher of Students with Severe Disabilities, Mrs. Debbie McRackan, Physical Therapist, and Mrs. Carolene Arnett, Occupational Therapist.

    The staff and community members have engineered a golf cart with governed speed to no more than 5 miles per hour, the cart is equipped with dual steering, dual brakes, and dual accelerators, affording our students the opportunity to drive a motorized vehicle.  Additionally, students participate in a modified driver's education curriculum in the classroom prior to gaining their behind the wheel experience.  With the assistance of our Human Resources Department, the students received Certified Engaged Drivers Badges upon completion of the program.


    Riverbend High School Newspaper Article - click here

Golf Cart