What Services are Offered?

  • Elementary School -  

    The Gifted Resource Teacher in each Elementary School provides a series of Response Lessons in all Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade classrooms to introduce and reinforce critical thinking skills and to observe the strengths of all students.  These lessons are designed to elicit a “response” to primary education thinking skills, from convergent thinking to visual spatial thinking. Response lessons allow the Gifted Resource Teacher to interact with students and monitor their growth as learners over the course of the K-2 grade levels.

    K-2 Elementary Enrichment Groups are designed for primary students that have shown an academic need for additional enrichment.  The goal of the Enrichment Group Program is to introduce a curriculum of critical thinking skills and challenge young students as they apply these new skills in the Enrichment Group setting and in their general education classrooms.

    The needs of early learners can change from year to year or within the current school year.  Therefore, the Enrichment Group is not a permanent placement and may not necessarily result in a formal gifted placement in  3rd-5th grades. A child who is identified for Enrichment Group services has not been identified as gifted, rather he/she is provisionally placed for the duration of the school year.

    During second grade, all students will be screened for Spotsylvania’s Gifted Program which stresses different criteria in grades 3-5. It is possible that a student may be placed in the Gifted Program without having participated in a primary-grade level Enrichment Group in K-2.  Each year, the Enrichment Group Program is a provisional placement and service needs are re-evaluated every year. If you have further questions, please contact the Gifted Resource Teacher at your child’s school.

    Students in grades 3-5 that are placed in the Spotsylvania County Program of Enrichment for gifted students (SCOPE) are provided with opportunities to meet in small groups with the gifted resource teacher.  Lessons continue to build on thinking skills but are more focused on units of instruction.  There are three core unit types that will be presented each year: Thinking Skills/STEM/Technology, Research/Writing, and Math/Science.  

    Middle School - If students are active participants in 5th grade SCOPE, services continue into the middle school.   There are three nomination opportunities throughout the year (Spring, Winter, and Fall). These windows are published at the beginning of each year and information on how to self, parent or teacher nominate a student for SCOPE testing is available from each school's Gifted Resource Teacher or guidance department.  SCOPE students may receive a combination of pull-out instruction and classroom inclusion.   
    High School - In the high school, various opportunities exist to pursue challenging coursework.  There is a Gifted Coordinator in each high school to help gifted students find the path that best meets their needs.   

Referral and Testing

    Students may be referred for testing by parents, teachers, other school sources, and even by self-referral.  Contact your school's Gifted Resource Teacher for a referral form.  Once a referral is received, a parent packet containing a Consent Form for testing and a Parent Survey will be sent home.  The forms should be returned by the due date so that testing may begin.  The Gifted Resource Teacher has up to ninety (90) school days for the testing process to be completed.  
    Once all of the assessments have been scored and the data collected from the teacher, the Identification/Placement Committee convenes to make a determination on eligibility for gifted services.   Parents will receive written notification of the committee's decision.  If the child is placed for services, a permission form that needs to be signed and returned will be included with the letter.  If the child is not placed, parents have the option to meet with the Gifted Resource Teacher to discuss the profile information.


    Referral Windows for Elementary Schools (requests for testing must be received by these dates)

    • Fall Window: September 22, 2021
    • Spring Window: February 16, 2021

    Please contact your school's Gifted Resource Teacher prior to these dates if you want your child to be considered for the program.

    Referral Windows for Middle Schools (requests for testing must be received by these dates)
    • Fall Window: September 22, 2021
    • Winter Window: November 19, 2021
    • Spring Window: February 16, 2022

    Please contact your school's Gifted Resource Teacher prior to these dates if you want your child to be considered for the program.