RHS Mission, Core Values, and Vision

  • Mission: To prepare all students to excel in a diverse, dynamic and global society

    Vision:  To fully meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our school community and stakeholders in the areas of:

    • College and Career Readiness
    • Safety, Security and School Climate
    • Communication with all Stakeholders


    Core Values and Vision

    Character Development: RHS recognizes its responsibility to student growth extends beyond academics. Riverbend is committed to developing integrity and strength of character in all of its students. At RHS, we...

    • Create and uphold a climate of mutual respect.
    • Encourage all people to share responsibility for their actions and promote a strong sense of ethical values both inside and outside of the classroom.
    • Instill academic honor and integrity as cornerstones of learning in every classroom.
    • Support high standards for attendance through encouragement, communication, and modeling.


    Community Involvement: At RHS we value the role of the community in our school and understand that when we come together for the good of our students, the benefits are infinite. At RHS, we...

    • Create a welcoming atmosphere for all stakeholders.
    • Foster open communication and create an atmosphere of transparency between stakeholders.
    • Seek input from all stakeholders in the school improvement process.  
    • Encourage and empower stakeholders to take an active role in improving their community through various venues such as student government, parent/student organizations, business partners, volunteer groups, and extracurricular activities.
    • Share in the responsibility of supporting the RHS mission.


    Inclusive Environment: At RHS we understand that the school community is a diverse group with varied needs, and we value and respect all differences. At RHS, we...

    • Promote and demonstrate an environment of mutual respect, awareness, and acceptance of individuality and diversity between all stakeholders.
    • Encourage the belief that relationships between all stakeholders are instrumental in forming a positive learning environment.
    • Exercise a commitment to meeting the academic, physical, and developmental needs of all students.
    • Create an environment where the involvement of all stakeholders in academic, extracurricular, co-curricular, and school improvement activities is clearly promoted and evident.


    Rigorous Academic Structure: At RHS we uphold high academic expectations for all students to prepare them for whichever career or school path they take after high school. At RHS, we…

    • Implement the appropriate curriculum via engaging, challenging, and differentiated lessons.
    • Expect students to take ownership and responsibility for their learning.
    • Provide an environment where challenges are embraced and mistakes are viewed as opportunities for growth.
    • Foster the development of skills including critical thinking, communication, assessment and innovation that our students will need to be competitive in a global environment.
    • Build on proven educational strategies and remain abreast of current research in order to develop, implement, and evaluate strategies for enhanced student achievement.


    Safe and Secure Environment: RHS is a school that provides a safe and secure learning environment for all students. A safe environment is recognized as an essential foundation for student academic success. At RHS, we maintain...

    • A physical environment that is well-maintained and conducive to learning.
    • An environment that is free of alcohol, drugs, bullying, and violence.
    • A learning environment where students and teachers feel secure in their physical and emotional well-being.
    • A system of disciplinary and safety protocols that are followed consistently.
    • An environment where staff and students are well-informed and pro-active in handling potential threats to school safety


    School Spirit: At RHS we value and understand the importance that school spirit has on one's overall educational experience. In order to better promote school spirit at RHS we...

    • Develop, continue, and promote RHS traditions.
    • Create an atmosphere of enthusiasm and structured support for all school events and student organizations.
    • Consistently acknowledge individual and group accomplishments of students and faculty as a tradition of shared responsibility and privilege.
    • Demonstrate pride and excitement about our school and willingly participate in co-curricular and extracurricular activities.


    Teamwork: RHS values teamwork and recognizes collaboration as the foundation for success. At RHS, we ...

    • Embed time into the schedule for stakeholders to collaborate.
    • Embrace opportunities for teams of teachers to come together routinely and frequently to discuss common assessments, student results, and intervention strategies.
    • Promote two-way communication and create an atmosphere in which all staff are considered approachable by our stakeholders.
    • Take ownership and actively participate in the School Improvement Process.
    • Use teams to solve problems in a mutually acceptable time frame and professional manner.
    • Value and encourage open and honest dialogue among stakeholders regarding decisions that affect them.