Worker's Compensation Information:

  • Reporting Procedures
    • Notify your administrator or building supervisor immediately or no later than 24 hours of your workplace injury.
    • Employee or administrator or designee must call the Company Nurse On-Call (1-888-770-0925) to report the workplace injury.
    • Employee will receive an information packet containing treatment (including panel physicians) and the required documents to complete upon receipt.
    First Fill Prescription Program
    • This Program permits the employee to receive the first prescription free.
    Leave Use
    • Date of Injury -The time of injury and the hiring of a substitute, if applicable, determines if an employee is charged a full day or half day of leave.
    • Medical Appointments -If the injured employee has medical appointments based on a referral from the Workers’ Compensation Panel Physician, the employee is expected to report to work before and after the appointment. If the employee opts not to return to work or to take the entire day for an appointment, the employee will use sick leave or available leave, or opt for leave without pay status. In scheduling medical appointments, an employee should strive to be the first patient of the day or the last patient of the day. Workers’ Compensation does not reimburse the employee for medical appointments.
    Loss Wage Benefits
    • Temporary Total and Temporary Partial Disability Benefits - An employee is not entitled to loss wage compensation for the first 7-days waiting period (need not be consecutive) of incapacity resulting from a work-related injury. Loss wage compensation begins on the 8th day of disability. If disabled for more than 21 days (need not be consecutive), the employee receives compensation for the 7-day waiting period.
    • When an employee is totally disabled from work, the employee is entitled to temporary total benefits equal to 66 2/3 percent of the employee’s gross average weekly wage. (See Average Weekly Wage/Compensation Rate - WENK Bulletin).
    Light Duty/Return to Work Program
    • Our school division has a Light duty/Return to Work Program and strives to accommodate the treating physician’s restrictions. All restricted/light duty assignments are temporary and ceases upon written notification of the treating physician. The Office of Human Resources reserves the right to accommodate, change, modify, continue or terminate a light duty assignment within a specified time period providing ample notification to the employee.
    School Division’s Representative
    • Vera Fox (540) 834-2500
    Additional Safety information is located in the School Board Policies Section: G – Personnel.  The policies are:
    • Title: Health and Safety in the Workplace -- Policy Number: GCBDI (Status: Active) and
    • Title: Use of Protective Devices in the Workplace – Policy Number GCBDI*-r (Status Active).
    Updated: September 23, 2020