Class Schedules

  • Students will receive their schedules the first day of school. Adjustments to student schedules have been made for failures and Summer School. Registration drives the development of the master schedule and teacher assignments. Therefore, schedule changes will be made for the following circumstances only:
    • failure of a course which is a prerequisite for a scheduled course or graduation requirement
    • clerical error 
    • change in course availability
    • balancing of class size
    • level changes (e.g., English 9 to Advanced English 9)
    Once a change is made, there will be no reversal back to the previous class.
    A student who withdraws from a class after the first nine weeks grading period will receive a "WF" (withdraw failing) or "WP" (withdraw passing) which are treated as an "F" when calculating the GPA (grade point average). A student may not drop a required course at any time.
    Please note: Students may not leave school early on a daily basis unless enrolled in a school/work program or with permission from the principal. 
    Please refer to the Catalog of Secondary Course Offerings and Related Information located on the SCPS website for additional information or contact Student Services. SCPS Course Offerings