RHS Counseling Center - Let's Find Your Balance

  • Our Mission:
    High school students are asked to manage many things as young adults: academics, family and peer relationships, identity, college and career planning, work, athletics, and the complicated world we live in. Riverbend's Counseling Center is dedicated to helping students create a balanced approach to challenging themselves throughout the process of teen and young adulthood while simultaneously supporting their mental and physical well-being. Everyone's path is different. Our mission is to deliver a comprehensive, developmental, and responsive School Counseling Program that supports academic success, college and career readiness, and personal and social growth for all Riverbend students. Our goal is to collaborate with students, parents, teachers, administrators, and other community stakeholders to prepare our students to excel in a diverse, dynamic, and global society, while preserving individuality and uniqueness.


    Our challenge to students:

    • Actively pursue your education
    • Identify and use your resources
    • Find a balanced approach to your academic, career and college, and personal and social pursuits... We can help you! 


    Our challenge to parents:

    • Respect your student as they explore their individuality
    • Help your student identify support structures
    • Assist your student in identifying their strengths and interests
    • Encourage them to take advantage of experiential learning opportunities that support their strengths and interests
    • Work together with teachers, counselors, and administrators to ensure student success

Counseling Center Staff

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