No Opt Out Program Information for Parents

  • Rationale

    A student who does not complete an assignment misses out on a significant chunk of content that he/she needs to learn.   A missing assignment deprives both the student and teacher of important feedback, and has an adverse effect on the student’s grade.

    As educators, we have an obligation to help our students not only learn the content in their classes, but also to make better and more responsible choices. While there may be consequences for not completing work on time, reinforcing responsibility means developing the understanding that not completing work at all is not an option.



    1) To reduce or eliminate missing work, particularly on large assignments

    2) To reduce student failures due to missing work

    3) To establish a culture at RHS where opting out of work is unacceptable

    4) To promote and foster student responsibility



    No Opt Out Academic Detention will be held every Monday through Thursday from 2:30-5:30 PM.  It will be supervised by a school safety officer with support from administrators, teacher volunteers, and peer tutors.  Students will have access to computers, textbooks, and other school materials during the NOO Detention to help them complete their work. 

    When a student fails to complete a major assignment or an accumulation of smaller assignments they will be assigned by their teacher to NOO Academic Detention.  The teacher will give the student a notification slip with the assigned detention date, contact a parent or guardian to inform them of the missing assignment and detention date, and register the student on an electronic spreadsheet.

    If a student completes the missing assignment prior to the detention, the student should turn in the assignment to the teacher, who will remove the students from the detention spreadsheet.  The student does not need to attend detention.

    If a student attends NOO Academic Detention and completes the assignment, the student should turn the assignment in to the detention supervisor, who will give it to the teacher.  The student may leave detention once the work is complete.

    If a student is assigned to NOO Academic Detention and attends but does not complete the missing assignment, they will be assigned to the next available NOO Detention and must continue to attend until the assignment is complete.  The student will be placed on the Non-Participation List if the assignment is not turned in by 7:30 AM the next day.

    If a student is assigned to NOO Academic Detention and fails to attend, the student will receive additional consequences and will be assigned to the next available NOO Detention.  The student will be placed on the Non-Participation List if the assignment is not turned in by 7:30 AM the next day.


    Non-Participation Guidelines

    A student who fails to complete an assignment in a timely manner and in spite of NOO Academic Detention will be placed on the Non-Participation List.  These students will not be allowed to participate in school-sponsored extra-curricular and co-curricular activities until the missing assignment is complete and they are removed from the list.  This includes athletics, marching band, clubs, and other activities and events that do not impact a student’s grade.  The Non-Participation List will be updated and distributed daily at 9:00 AM to activity sponsors to ensure accurate communication.  If a student is on the list once it is distributed, they must wait until the following day to be removed and regain eligibility.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What types of missing assignments can cause a student to be assigned to NOO?

    The nature and length of assignments vary from class to class.  Students could be assigned for failing to complete a single large assignments or an accumulation of smaller assignments.  As a general rule, we expect the work should take a minimum of an hour to complete.

    Will NOO Academic Detention appear on a student’s disciplinary record?

    NOO Academic Detention referrals are not entered into a student’s disciplinary record as they are not considered a disciplinary action.  However, if a student fails to attend an assigned NOO Academic Detention it would be considered a disciplinary infraction.

    If a student does not complete an assignment, when will they be assigned to NOO Academic Detention?

    While this will vary, we recommend that teachers assign students to the NOO detention two days after the initial due date.  For example, if an assignment is due on Monday, the students would be assigned to detention on Wednesday.  This gives the teacher an opportunity to contact home, the student an opportunity to complete the assignment, and the parent or guardian time to arrange transportation.

    When is a student placed on the Non-Participation List?

    A student is placed on the Non-Participation List if they fail to complete an assignment on time, are assigned to NOO Academic Detention, and either fail to attend or fail to complete the assignment during the detention.  The non-participation will take effect at 9:00 AM the day after the detention.

    When is a student removed from the Non-Participation List?

    Once the missing assignment is completed and turned in, the student will be removed from the Non-Participation List and will be eligible to participate in activities the next day.