Dress Code

  • Dress guidelines are established so that students’ attire does not interfere with their health safety and welfare or is not distracting to the educational process. (SCPS Code of Conduct B.1.J) 

    1. Any type of hat or outdoor headband, bandannas, stocking caps. The only exceptions are official POMS hats/visors on specifically designated spirit days or students whose religious beliefs require a head covering.

    2. Any type of top that reveals midriff, is low cut, see-through, or has straps narrower than one inch wide. Tops that have straps narrower than one inch wide should be covered with a blouse, sweater, or other garment with sleeves at all times. Ribbed tank tops may not be worn.

    3. Skirts, shorts and dresses must meet the tip of the longest finger when hands are naturally by the side of the body. If clothing is not “fingertip length” opaque tights/legging etc., that are at least fingertip must be worn underneath.

    4. Any item of clothing that has holes above “fingertip length” must not have skin showing. (For example garments can be patched or worn with leggings, etc.) 

    5. Clothing which has language or designs which are explicitly violent, obscene, sexually suggestive, reflecting adversely on persons race, gender, creed or intellectual abilities, or depict alcohol (including “Brew Thru” shirts), tobacco or drugs is prohibited. 

    6. Pajamas, bedroom slippers, and lounge wear are not appropriate dress and are not permitted.

    7. Other items considered inappropriate for school include sunglasses, chains, dog collars, heavy jewelry and fish hooks.

    8. Blankets are not permitted in school. 

    9. Any article of clothing considered to be disruptive/distracting to the learning environment.

    Monitoring and Consequences

    Collectively as a staff, student dress will be checked in the morning (and throughout the day) to ensure appropriate attire. Any student found in violation of the Appearance and Attire policy will be required to change the article of clothing considered inappropriate. In some instances students may be able to borrow clothing from the school. Violations will be documented and parents will be notified. If the student refuses to change inappropriate attire, the student will be placed in ISS for the remainder of the day, or until a parent or guardian is able to provide appropriate clothing. A second violation of the Appearance and Attire policy will result in disciplinary action