School Social Work

  • School Social Work is a specialized area of practice within the broad field of the social work profession. School Social Workers bring unique knowledge and skills to the school system and the Student Support Services team. In particular, School Social Workers are trained in mental health, behavioral issues, and are trauma-informed. They provide positive behavioral support, academic and classroom support, and consultation with teachers, parents and administrators.

    School Social Workers are instrumental in furthering the mission of the schools which is to provide a supportive setting for teaching, learning and for the attainment of competence and confidence.

Why do today's schools need School Social Workers?

  • Children today are increasingly impacted by social forces that can negatively affect their role as students. These negative effects result in unmet physical and emotional needs that interfere with their ability to learn and succeed in school. School social workers facilitate activities and interventions that increase students’ motivation to learn, and provide a connection for them to their school environment.

What do School Social Workers do?

  • School Social Workers serve as the vital link between home, school and community for all students while providing the following services:

    Direct Services to Students and Families

    • Individual Counseling
    • Group Counseling​
    • Assist families in applying for Medicaid waivers
    • Assist families applying for McKinney Vento Homelessness Assistance
    • Assist families in obtaining outside supports for out-patient and in-home counseling services, food, clothing, shelter and connecting with community based agencies that will support the student and family.
    • Partner with community agencies to case manage high risk students experiencing homelessness, foster care, abuse, and human trafficking.
    • Work collaboratively with the Department of Social Services and schools to support Best Interest Determination meetings for all foster care students enrolling in SCPS.
    • Developing alternative programs for drop-outs, truants, delinquents, etc.

    Services Under IDEA

    • Attend intervention team meetings and participate in developing interventions and strategies for students who are experiencing social, emotional, and/or behavioral issues that are impacting their learning.
    • Prepare social history reports for the social-cultural component of initial and triennial student referrals for special education. Attend multi-disciplinary eligibility team meetings.​
    • Provide IEP individual special education counseling for students.
    • Participate in team development of Functional Behavioral Assessments and Behavioral Intervention Plans for students.

    Crisis Intervention

    • Provide Suicide Assessments and referrals for theraputic intervention
    • Participate on Threat Assessment Teams
    • Serve on the Critical Incident Team
    • Assist with Child Protection Services reporting
    • ​Student, Staff, and Parent Prevention Education
    • Co-teach Signs of Suicide, Human Trafficking, and Sexual Harassment lessons to students.
    • Provide in-services and presentations on Self-Injury, Trafficking, Parenting, Substance Abuse and Behavioral Interventions.
    • Provide staff and parent consultation

    School-Community Liaison​

    • Coordinate service delivery and communication between schools, families, and community agencies
    • Serve on interagency committees serving children
    • Treasure house volunteers, promotes outside events to support Treasure House, refer families to Treasure House as appropriate.
School Social Worker diagram