Welcome Parents

  • Notes on Meal Account If you would like to put a notation on your child's lunch account, such as ice cream only on Friday's or no extras, please use the ‘cafeteria account notations’ form linked below. This form must be submitted to your child's school cafeteria. Allergy information may not be notated on this form but must be provided on the ‘Medical Statement to Request Meals and/or Accommodations’ form and signed by a medical authority.
    Cafeteria Account Notations


    Requesting Dietary Modifications/Accommodations - If your child has a disability that falls under the Americans with Disabilities Act (such as a food allergy which may result in anaphylaxis) a medical statement from a State licensed healthcare professional, such as a physician or nurse practitioner, is required in order provide a reasonable modification/accommodation of menu items offered in the school breakfast and lunch program. The medical statement should include a description of the child’s physical or mental impairment that is sufficient to allow the Food Service Department to understand how it restricts the child’s diet. It should also include an explanation of what must be done to accommodate the disability. In the case of food allergies/intolerance, this means identifying the food or foods to be omitted and recommending alternatives. The required Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) Medical Statement to Request Special Meals and/or Accommodations is linked below.
    Medical Statement to Request Special Meals and/or Accomodations


    Charge Policy for Student Meal Accounts - All Levels:

    Students will be permitted to charge breakfast and/or lunch up to a maximum total debt transaction of:

    • $12.75 for elementary school students
    • $13.25 for middle school students
    • $2.65 for high school students

    A la carte items may not be charged.

    Any debt to the student's account will carry the expectation that the parent is responsible for full payment.

    Students with a negative account balance will not be permitted to purchase a la carte food items until the negative balance is paid in full.