Online and Blended Learning

    Online education is becoming more prevalent and widely accepted. Spotsylvania County schools recognize this trend and make strides towards meeting the needs of all learners and learning environments. We currently offer a K-8 Virtual School and a selection of high school courses. 
    The Virtual Learning Experience (K-8 Virtual) - The Spotsylvania County Public Schools Virtual Program is a K-8 online academic program for students who have been home-schooled for the previous academic year, have not been enrolled or were not eligible for enrollment in Spotsylvania County Public Schools during the previous academic year. The program is also considered as an alternative to homeschooling for some currently enrolled students. Learn more and/or register for the K-8 Virtual School here
    Blended learning in SCPS - To aid in meeting the needs of diverse learners, SCPS uses a blended learning model. In this model, most students attend a 'brick and mortar' building and receive both face to face classroom instruction and online delivery of content/instruction. The classroom teacher often functions as a mentor/facilitator while a distance learning teacher provides specific instructional and content learning support. Students benefit from their ability to guide the pace and pathway of their learning.
    Credit recovery in SCPS - SCPS online and blended courses can give your child the edge needed to deal with credit recovery issues. Because our courses are online, your student will have the scheduling flexibility to retake courses, maintain their academic career pathway, and/or get the credits necessary to graduate on time. The Spotsylvania County Public Schools credit recovery program is an opportunity for a student to retake a course in which he/she previously was not academically successful in earning credit towards graduation. Credit recovery courses are designed to:

    • be on a flexible schedule and can be taken during the school day, during summer school, and/or before or after school
    • allow students who have completed seat time and calendar requirements to earn credit based on competency of the content standards.
    • allow students to complete courses containing all content for which the student will demonstrate mastery before receiving a grade.
    • offer core courses and limited electives required for graduation from one of our high schools.

    For general information questions about the SCPS credit recovery program, you may contact us at

    Spotsy Online: 100% Virtual Courses - Spotsylvania County Public Schools now offers a 100% virtual option for students that are successful in the classroom and are looking to accelerate or expand their learning in addition to their day to day coursework. this option is currently available to enrolled 8th-12th-grade students looking to take a new credit course for high school credit. To learn more about Spotsy Online, please visit the Spotsy Online website. For general information questions about SCPS online programs, you may contact us at

    Virtual Virginia (VVa) - Virtual Virginia provides equal access to high-quality Advanced Placement, world language, core, and elective courses to students across the Commonwealth. For information on VVa online courses, please contact your secondary student's SCPS school counselor.