Student Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

  • Drop Off Procedures:
    Parents will use the front entrance to drop off  their children.  Parents should enter the circle driveway, staying to the right.  Please have your child exit the vehicle on the curbside (right side of car). Please pull around the circle to allow several cars to drop off at the same time.  After your child is safely on the sidewalk, you may exit the circle.


    Pick Up Procedures:
    If your child is going to be picked up after school every day by car, please complete a form to receive a car rider number. At approximately 3:25 PM, staff members will begin loading students into their cars parked in the parent drop off lane along the curb in the front circle. Please do not enter the drop-off/pick-up lane prior to 3:15PM 

    Parents who do not pick up their child on a regular basis must send a note to the teacher informing them of the change in departure plans.  These parents should go to the office and their child will be dismissed on the bell.  Parents will sign their children out before departing.  Please be consistent with your child’s departure procedure.  Many times a child will be reminded to take the bus home or go to a daycare facility; even though they are reminded, they forget.


    ALL afternoon transportation changes must be made before 3:00p.m. Otherwise, students will be sent home by their usual transportation.