Mission Statement:

  • Welcome to the counseling department at Ni River Middle School! The goal of our department is to provide a comprehensive developmental school counseling program for our middle school students. As counselors, we work to meet the academic, social and emotional needs of all students. We do this in developmentally appropriate ways that enable personal growth and academic success. Our efforts in these areas for our students are a part of a collaborative model that includes our parents, teachers and administrators, in the process.
    Our School Counseling Department is available to answer any questions or concerns.
    • Ms. Bernadette Nolan, Director 8th Grade 7th Grade A-H
    • Ms. Helen Kenney 6th Grade 7th Grade I-Z
    • Mrs. Therese Carroll, Secretary  Ext. 6321
    • Mrs. Patti Marx, Attendance Secretary  Ext. 6303


    Specific services that all counselors provide are as follows:
    • individual and group counseling
    • classroom lessons in the areas of educational, personal/social and career information
    • facilitate and coordinate parent teacher conferences
    • provide assistance for parents and students with support and informative activities during the transition process from elementary to middle school and middle to high school.
    • regular communication and parenting information through the school newsletter, web page or school e-letters (via school email).
    We invite parents to allow our school counseling department to be a point of contact to discuss any concerns you may have involving your child’s performance at school.