School Counseling

  • The Spotsylvania County Schools School Counseling Program is staffed by licensed school counselors and designed to complement and support the state standards, ensuring that all students in Kindergarten through grade 12 receive support in academic, career and personal/social development. School counselors collaborate with parents, teachers, administrators, and other school/community members to foster, promote, and improve student success and achievement in school. 

    Within SCPS, the School Counseling Programs are comprised of academic, career, and personal/social components.
    • Counseling for Academic Development, which assists students and their parents to plan a program of studies, to advise about and interpret academic testing, and to seek post-secondary academic opportunities. 
    • Counseling for Career Development, which helps students to acquire information, establish career goals and design a plan to prepare for future education and employment.
    • Counseling for Personal/Social Development, which assists students to develop an understanding of themselves, the rights and needs of others, to resolve conflicts and to define individual goals reflecting their interests, abilities and aptitudes.

    In the event a parent/guardian wishes to limit a child's participation in a portion of the personal/social counseling component of the SCPS Counseling Program, the parent/guardian should provide a written notification to the school principal. Materials used in the school counseling program are available for parental review in each school.