Grading Scale

    Primary Level: Kindergarten - Grade Three

    1= Student's performance is below standard, and student requires much teacher support, frequently needing re-teaching and additional practice.

    2= Student's performance is approaching standard, and student applies learned skills with some teacher support.

    3= Student's performance meets standard, and student produces quality work with little to no teacher support.

    4= Student's performance exceeds standard, and student consistently produces outstanding work independently.

    / = Not assessed at this time

    O = Accommodations according to IEP/ESOL/504 Plan

    Grades Four and Five

    A – Excellent Accomplishment (90-100)
    B – Above Average Accomplishment (80-89)
    C – Average Accomplishment (70-79)
    D – Below Average Accomplishment (60-69)
    F – Unsatisfactory Accomplishment (Below 60)