Title I Program

  • Title I Program

    Title I is the largest federal assistance program for our nation’s public schools. Spotsylvania County Schools use Title I funds to serve students in kindergarten through fifth grade with additional reading and math support. Title I serves schools with two models:

    Program Models

    • Schoolwide Programs focus on schools’ overall educational programs to raise academic achievement for all students. Five Spotsylvania County Public Schools implement a Schoolwide Title I Program. These comprehensive plans have been submitted and approved by the Virginia Department of Education and are designed to upgrade all of instruction.
    • Targeted Assistance Programs provide services to a select group of students identified as having the greatest need in literacy and/or math development. These services are supplemental and targeted to support classroom instruction. Four Spotsylvania County Public Schools implement a Targeted Assistance Title I Program. 


    Student Selection for Title I Services - Eligibility is based on academic need; if your child is recommended for Title I services, a letter will be sent home explaining how your child’s educational needs will be supplemented.

    Students Exiting Title I Services - If a student’s progress indicates that he/she is capable of working in his/her classroom without additional support from the Title I Program, the child will be placed in “monitoring” status. School staff will monitor the child’s progress to ensure he/she continues to show growth. Parents will be notified when a change in services occurs.