Car Rider Dismissal Procedures

  • In order to ensure our students safety, please note our procedure for car riders at dismissal.

    1. Students are dismissed at 2:45 with buses

    2. Students should be picked up no later than 3:10 p.m.

    3. Cars should form a single lane closest to the sidewalk. There are NO double lanes.

    4. Students may not cross to the parking lot to meet their ride. **Students may cross to the parking lot only when escorted by adult they will be riding with.

    5. Once your child is safely in your vehicle, you may get out of the single lane and proceed.

    6. Speed limit: 5 MPH !!!!!!!

    7. Cutting in line or forming double lanes is not permitted.

    8. Please be patient. **Dismissal usually goes very quickly!**
    **Staff members will be outside to help facilitate this procedure