Student Enrollment & Withdrawal Information

  • Enrolling a Student From Chancellor High School

    Welcome to Chancellor High School! The following information is shared to help you with the enrollment process of your student. The items listed below are required documents necessary for school admission. 

    School Counselors are available for the scheduling process of new and/or transfer students between the hours of 7:30 AM and 3:00 PM. Please call to set up your registration appointment.  Contact School to set-up appointment with Registrar 540-786-2606, ext. 5022

    Parent/Guardian must be present with student to enroll. Photo ID must be available of the accompanying adult.

    • Original or Certified Copy of Birth Certificate
    • Custody or Guardian Paperwork – signed by a judge; if applicable
    • School Records – Transcript and/or Proof of Grade Placement – Credits Earned
    • Health Documents:
      • Immunization Record
      • Tuberculosis Screening Form – (provided by school)
    • Proof of Residency: - MUST have one from each list below:
      • One of Thes
        • Sales Agreement                              
        • Rental Contract                        
        • Verification of Residency Form    
      • One of These                                         
        • One Utility Bill (electric, water, gas, or cable/satellite only)                                                            
        • Voter Registration 
        • Auto Registration  
        • Payroll Stub  
        • Personal Property Tax Receipt
        • W2 Form
        • 2 Months of Bank Statements 
    • Social Security Number – if available – not required
    • Special Education Documents – (IEP); if applicable
    • SCPS Enrollment Packet – (provided by school)


    Withdrawing a Student From Chancellor High School

    • Parents need to come to the Guidance office to complete and sign the Request for Student Withdrawal Form at least two days  prior to student’s last day.
    • At the end of the student’s last day they will return the Withdrawal Form to the Guidance Office for staff signature and receive a copy of the withdrawal form, immunization and unofficial transcript to take to the new school.
    • To withdraw a student to be HOMESCHOOLED please visit the Spotsylvania County Schools website for more information.
    • On the student’s last two days—the student will take around the Withdrawal Form to each block so that the teacher may sign off that book has been returned and issue a grade to date.