Instructional Leadership
    Keith Wolfe, Executive Director of Secondary Education and Leadership
    Jennifer Belako, Director of Elementary Education
    Kristine Lentz-Johnston, Director of Professional Learning and Instructional Programs
    Thomas Mitchell, Director of Mental Health and Wellness
    Maria Lewis Ramadane, Director of Teaching and Learning
    Assistant Director, Supervisors, Coordinators & Specialists
    Laurie Gallup, Assistant Director of Teaching & Learning 
    Amber Belako, Supervisor of Instructional Programs
    Sue Venable-Shelton, Supervisor of Career and Technical Education
    Shannon Wingert, Supervisor of Elementary School Counseling
    Elyse Coleman,  Coordinator of Title I
    Susan Thrift, Coordinator of Instructional Support & Assessment
    TBD, Literacy Learning & School Support Specialist


  • Elementary Liaisons
    Shawna Ashton - English
    Rhonda Fischer - Math
    Shelly Waller - Science
    Stephanie Burchett - History
    Steven Baker - P.E.
    Jessica Lowery - Gifted
    Elizabeth Barnes - Library/Media
    Secondary Liaisons
    Vanessa Sekinger - English (Middle)
    Theresa Livelsberger - English (High)
    Jim Slane - Math
    Mary-Meaghan Clark - Science
    Michael S. Brown - History
    Julie Lovell - P.E.
    Silvia Mabie - Gifted
    Kimberly Allen - Library/Media
    TBD - CTE
    Bettina Hoeninger - World Language
    K-12 Liaisons
    Jessica Mereles - ESOL
    Katrina Negley - Fine Arts


  • Math Specialists
    Carley Beale
    Stephen Brazelle
    Nancy Collins
    Rhonda Fischer
    Jessica Hofer
    CindyLynn Khan
    Jenny Nowakowski
    Carolee Romano
    Jim Slane



  • Brent Benware
    Stephanie Burchett
    Ryan Champney
    Karen Clore
    Donnie Collier
    Sarah Dorman
    Cara Miles
    Sarah Mills
    Katrina Negley
    Lisa Quinton
    Casey Reding
    Phillip Slade
    Greg Streable
    Lisa Thompson
    Kathleen Tulloss
    Heather Vickers
    Angel Walker
    Shelly Waller
    Erin Wilson
    Jeanine Zicari

Teaching & Learning Coaches

  • Katie Breth
    Stephen Brazelle
    Jenn Darmsteadt
    Tara Hefner

Instructional Support

  • Cheryl Corbin, Offices of Deputy Superintendent - Chief Academic Officer, and Office of Mental Health & Wellness
    Donna Skebo, Offices of Elementary & Secondary Education
    Suzanne Burdette, Office of Career & Technical Education Programs
    Michele Jarvis-Nelms, Office of Teaching and Learning
    Terri Lowery, Title I, II and III Programs
    Mary Jo Medosch, Office of Professional Learning & Instructional Programs
    Alicia Weeks, Offices of Instructional Support & Assessment, and Instructional Technology