Parent Advisory Council

  • Spotsylvania County Schools Title I Program Parent Advisory Council

    The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) serves the entire school community of students, parents and staff. Our goals are to increase communication, support the learning environment, and promote meaningful and active parent involvement. The PAC is also used to teach parents how to advocate for themselves and their children.

    Purpose of the Parent Advisory Council

    • To build stronger communication between families and the school
    • To assist families with support and tools for their child’s success
    • To identify and address school related needs and concerns
    • To involve families as resources for their school and their children
    • To serve as ambassadors for the school community, promoting Title I programs and events and encouraging participation and support
    • To develop leaders who will advocate for their child’s education and
    • To provide opportunities for input into the overall Title I Program design

    District Parent Advisory Council
    The District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) is a county organization with representatives from each Title I school. DPAC collaborates with the Title I staff to plan, implement, and evaluate the Title I Program. For more information, or if you would like to participate, contact your Title I teacher or the Parent Resource Center at (540) 582-7060.