• Absence Procedures
    Parents are asked to call the school in the morning if their child will be absent. In addition to the telephone call, students should bring in a written excuse signed by a parent or guardian explaining the reason for the absence. If the student does not bring a note from home, the absence is considered unexcused. Absences may be excused due to illness, death in the family, medical or legal actions, or other circumstances at the discretion of the principal. Parents wishing to have their child absent from school for a trip or other foreseeable reason must submit a request to the principal in writing one week prior to the trip. Excessive absences reported to the office will be investigated. Regular school attendance is important to academic development. Excessive and unexcused absences impact a child’s ability to learn.

    Arriving Late or Leaving Early
    Students who arrive at school after the tardy bell (8:45 a.m.) are expected to “sign-in” and get a pass from the office. A student leaving during the school day must be checked out by a parent or guardian through the office. Students will only be allowed to leave with someone other than a parent if they have written parental permission. Please be prepared to show a picture I.D. when signing a student out.

    Students who are tardy or leave school early are missing classroom instruction. As part of the No Child Left Behind Act, in order for a school to make Annual Yearly Progress (AYP), student attendance must be closely monitored. All student tardies and early pickups are documented by the school. Please keep tardies and early pickups to a minimum. Each minute of instructional time is important!