The School Counselor’s Corner!

  • Welcome to the school counseling department at Livingston Elementary!

    My goal this year as your child’s school counselor will be to present a comprehensive, developmental school counseling program at Livingston Elementary. I will do this by providing regular counseling services in our school’s classrooms, through small group counseling and individual meetings with students.

    Classroom visits with the counselor provide support for our students through instruction and group activities in the areas of personal/social, academic and career development. Each lesson is planned to meet the developmental needs of students in Kindergarten through 5th grade. Topics that support the curriculum include:

    • Respectful, Responsible and Productive Behaviors, promoting
      school success Career Readiness
    • Social Skills and Problem Solving
    • Conflict Resolution

    Group counseling involves the school counselor working with at least two or more students.  Activities may include some or all of the following; group discussions, structured lessons, ongoing topics for group participants to consider as they develop skills. Small group focus may include the following subject areas:

    - Managing Stress
    - KIDS (Kids Involved in Separation and Divorce)
    Understanding personal feelings and helping with emotions management
    Managing stress
    Study Skills and Organization

    Individual counseling during the school day involves a meeting between a counselor and a student. This is a time when students can talk privately about difficulties they may have in their relationships with others, individual concerns or developmental challenges they are facing. Individual counseling resources provided for students include creating a supportive environment where appropriate strategies can be learned to effectively resolve problems and opportunities are created to develop a better understanding about the individual’s presenting concerns.

    As educators, we believe that we will best meet the needs of our students through developing collaborative relationships that include our parents, teachers and administrators. Parents and students are invited to access school counseling services at Livingston as they are needed.

    Feel free to check out the links provided below, as they are designed to serve as resources for parents and

    I have provided my phone and email address for your convenience.

    Mrs. Kristen Hudman 
    540-895-5101 ext. 7924

    Internet Links for Parents and Kids

    Virginia 211 website i
    s a resource through the Virginia Department of Social Services, providing access to services in our community and statewide. When you dial 2-1-1, a trained professional listens to your situation and suggests sources of help, using one of the largest databases of health and human services in Virginia.

    Love and Logic website provides informationsupporting parents raising kids in the 21st century. When you enter the website, click on the parent tab to view how to access resources and free articles on line.

    PBS Kids website has educational games, activities for kids and access to parenting information. The Parent Show page, located on this site, offers information on child development, education, frequently asks questions and suggested strategies on meeting parenting challenges.

    The Parent Resource Center website promotes a cooperative partnership between parents, schools and the members of the Spotsylvania County community. Located at the John J. Wright Educational and Cultural Center, the center offers educational materials, training workshops and resources for parents. You may visit the website to view the opportunities or call the following number:540-582-7583 and select option 5.