Mission & Vision

Our Mission:

Learning for all ~ Educate, Equip, and Inspire.

Our Vision:

As a supportive and challenging academic community, CHS develops:

 ~ creativity and productivity.
 ~ critical thinking and problem solving.
 ~ core values.
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Monday - Friday ~ 7am - 4 pm 
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We Are Courtland, World's Greatest High School!

Headlines & Features

Courtland High School will have a new, electronic sign at the end of our driveway soon. The sign will post events occurring at Courtland as well as ensure out-of-town visitors are able to locate our campus. We are very excited for a new way to stay in touch with parents and the community.

Mr Helsley's Chemistry II students are hard at work, creating hot-air balloons which will launch Friday, Sept. 30. 
German Club NY 2016  
CHS German Club participated in the German-American Steuben Parade New York over the September 17 weekend.  In addition, the students visited multiple historical sites during their tour.  Thank you German Club students for demonstrating your positive Courtland Pride during this visit to the Big Apple!  Photos courtesy of Eric Thompson.
German Club 2016  

Arrive Alive ~ YOVASO

Arrive Alive is an educational campaign in Virginia to establish safe driving among teens during the warm weather months. The goal of the campaign is create positive behavior among teens during the formative driving years.

According to statistics, the months between May and September are the most dangerous for youth on the road. Increased driving time, later curfews, cruising, speeding, driving with too many passengers, distractions, and alcohol are the key factors in teen crashes during spring and summer. Events such as prom, graduation celebrations, beach week, and summer parties also create increased risks for crashes during this period.

Arrive Alive encompasses all of these dangerous driving components and enables teens to work together to reduce risks and influence safer teen driving.
Courtesy of http://www.yovaso.org/campaigns/arrive-alive and sponsored by CHS YOVASO Club & Spotsylvania Sheriff's Office
**Important NEWS: Spotsylvania County requires that each member of the senior class must fully meet the state and local graduation requirements in order to participate in the graduation ceremony. **No senior who has to attend summer school or make up an SOL test(s) will be allowed to participate in the senior class graduation ceremony.

CHS instructional day begins at 7:35 a.m.; students tardy to school (after 7:35 a.m.) without a parent note will be assigned after-school detention.

Electronic Devices: Students, please remember that the use of electronic devices is at teacher discretion; devices can be confiscated & require a parent to pick them up at the end of the day.

Students & Parents ~ Food Lion tows student cars parked in their lot. The only students who may drive themselves to school are those who have purchased valid Courtland parking passes.